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Nature’s Pharmacy- Heal Yourself -Moringa Oleifera

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The Moringa tree is another of the many medicinal plants I grew up with in Nigeria.

As a child, I did not know its name or indeed its potential value, I was simply  fascinated by the giant pods of the Moringa tree. When dried and hardened in the hot tropical sunshine, these pods made the perfect rattles for noisy games.

images (1) moringa pods

For many who use Moringa powder as part of their daily dose of health supplements,  It is the”cure all” for all diseases. From its bark to the pods and leaves, every bit of this plant is good for you.
Moringa has recently been linked to the natural  treatment of   diabetes. See

Products used everyday across the world include: Moringa oil, capsules of dried  powder, body creams  and ointments.

images (1) moringa tabs

Native to the Himalayas and now grown practically everywhere in the world the common English names for the Moringa tree include: Drumstick Tree, Horse Radish tree, Benoil tree and simply Moringa.
In Nigeria it is called:
Zogale, Bagagruwa Maka in Hausa
Ewe Igbale, ewe ile, adagba maloye, igi agunmaniye in Yoruba
Okwe oyibo, odudu oyibo, okochi egbun in Igbo

1. Fresh Moringa leaves rubbed against the temple can relieve  headaches.
2. Poultice of fresh Moringa leaves can be used to stem bleeding from shallow cuts.It produces an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect when applied to wounds or insect bites.
3. Extracts of Moringa leaf can be used against bacterial or fungal skin infections.
4  Moringa powder is  high in Iron so used for “tired blood” and anaemia.
5. Dried Moringa leaf tea is used treat diarrhoea.
6. Moringa is also used to increase sex drive as a natural aphrodisiac.
6. Moringa leaves contain a lot of vitamins and minerals when dried.

The immature green pods (drumsticks)are prepared similarly to green beans, while the seeds can be removed from more mature pods and cooked like peas or roasted like nuts.The leaves are rich in iron and can be cooked like spinach. Dried leaf powder is used as a seasoning- a bit like dried thyme.

Clearly, Moringa Oleifera is a remarkable plant. There is a financial incentive for people looking into farming as a viable option.

Springing up all around Nigeria is an industry; a growing community of young entrepreneurs, researchers and farmers tapping into Moringa farming.

The clip below is inspiring. It tells a story of a great opportunity to be part of the swelling industry around the Moringa plant. Yes, It requires an investment of passion, time and resources. However, the benefits to humanity of this  “tree of life” are substantial.

Read more here about how to prepare Moringa leaf tea and other recipes using the Moringa plant

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    January 30, 2017 at 3:37 am

    I can’t hear anyhting over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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      February 5, 2017 at 4:55 pm

      Hi Judith. I am really pleased you enjoyed reading the story of the Moringa plant. I personally take a spoonful of the powder everyday. It is hugely nourishing for the body. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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