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  • Poetry

    We Left It All Behind

      We left it all behind. Telling stories agog, narratives spewing out in fervent spirit snippets of unbelievable possibilities, outlandish moving hands 00…

  • Poetry


    Do not be afraid of this manic phase this place that tears and brings up rage let it be known that I came to you to release me from all my feverish foes.…

  • Poetry

    The Meeting

    Slowly at first moving in steady, heady rips like the slow patter of rain drenching me in a rhythm far beyond myself, my heart lost its nerve. I tried not to…

  • Poetry

    Your Eyes Stole Mine

    Your eyes stole mine your fiery feathers stroked my own, raising me from myself.…

  • Poetry

    Tired Dreams

    Muddled with misery, shallow tears drench the forgotten fortunes of the many adrift the many… not so afloat.…